About Ivar Skippervold

Ivar Skippervold

Ivar Skippervold has studied theology, music and sociology, in addition to his teachers college-education. He worked as a teacher for two years, head master of the community music-school for eight years, and since then as free-lance musician, songwriter and writer of texts and books both for adults and children. He is ordained priest in the Church of Norway.

He released his first album «Hiroshima og spurven» (Hiroshima and the sparrow) in 1975 on Polygram. Over the years he has made about 35 albums on vinyl/CD/cassette and several song- and musical note-books.

He has made 20 song cycles on biblical history and four on Church history (Norsk musikkforlag A/S and Arken). Several have been translated into other languages. The cycle is called «Historier som lever» (Living Stories), and has sold over 250.000 copies.

Ivar made the «Julestua»-production, an advent calendar, for TVNorge, and the series «På låven» (On the barn) for TV2. Both series were the companies´ first productions for children.

When the Norwegian Church celebrated its 1000 years anniversary, Ivar made the musical «Ansgar og vikingene» (Ansgar and the vikings), supported by Norsk Komponistfond (The Norwegian composer fund). The musical was premiéred in Grieghallen, Bergen, and was on tour during the entire jubilee-year, as a co-operation between Church and School.

Christmas of ´97, Ivar released the musical «Nikolas fra Patara» on CD/cassette; the story of St. Nicholas, the «real» Santa Claus. The story was also published as a childrens book on Credo Forlag, in co-operation with Norwegian Church Aid. In 1999 the childrens book «Frans av Assisi» was published (Genesis).

Ivar Skippervold has had several tours for Rikskonsertene and Folkeakademiet, and has traveled with his guitar and songs all over Norway, for over 30 years.

When Ivar comes visiting, even ventriloqism and magic is in the programme. For several years he has been touring with his puppet theathre, and had performed in churches, schools, libraries, institutions an on public fairs.

He has been on «Norsktoppen» («Top-ten» NRKradio) number one with the song «Skarru kjøpe hest» (Buying a horse), and many will recognize the song «Flere slike dager» (More of these days), from the album with the same name. This song was, for several years, the signature tune of the TV-programme «Reisesjekken» on TVNorge.

Most of year 2000 Ivar was on tour with the musical «Historien om Jesus» (The story of Jesus). This was an assignment from Church of Norway, National council, and was the official offer for Church-/School co-operation in the jubilee-year. In addition Ivar in the autumn released the story of «Sancta Lucia» as a childrens book (Genesis) and CD and Idea-booklet (Arken).

Autumn of 2000 Ivar engaged the project «Arken Kulturhus», in the centre of Lillesand. – Cofféeshop and art exhibition opened 1st of May, 2001. Arken Kulturhus consists of a main building, a backyard with a stage, and an outhouse, with a permanent stage for puppet theatre. During the summer of ´01 there was made five TV-programmes from the cultural programme «Blå time», with writers and musicians as guests. These were broadcasted by TVNorge/TVSør.

Ivar Skippervold was awarded the «Bible Award 2001» by Norwegian Bible Association, for his 20 musicals from biblical history, on the grounds of his «true, dramatic transference of the Bible text from pages to musicals». Thereby he joined company with previous winners as Edvard Hoem, Kjetil Bang Hansen, Svein Tindberg and NRK-radio theatre.

Spring of ´02 Ivar released the CD «Jalmar og de fire årstidene» (Jalmar and the four seasons). Jalmar is a bever-mascot for the Scandinavien bank Nordea. On assignment from the bank Ivar wrote a story and 10 songs. The CD «Rødhette og ulven» (Little Red Riding Hood) was also released. The fairytale is told in words and music.

He has published around 35 music albums, and during the last years he has organized interreligious music and cultural festivals several places in Norway.

His latest book on religious dialogue in Norway was published in 2017, og then he also received the Brobyggerprisen 2017 ( «The bridge- builder award»). Now he is working as a songwriter and composer.